Can smart lock security be proportional to price?

HC Security Network News In recent years, smart home is becoming increasingly important, along with the traditional high-tech locks continually flowing, the security lock function has been fully extended and expanded to achieve a fully automated intelligent locking historic breakthrough . Behind the fiery hot industry, it has also attracted the attention of major investment institutions. In May of this year, Yunding announced that it had obtained financing of B+ rounds of 50 million yuan; in March of this year, Magic acquired more than 10 million yuan of angel round financing; last March, Deschman received a round of financing of RMB 123 million...

Recently, many people have asked us: "Smart locks are not only expensive, but also eye-catching. It is too easy to attract thieves, and the most important thing is that they don't know if it is safe or not. Is it really necessary to install? Is it worth installing?"


To solve these questions, let us first take a look at how many thousands of smart locks are worth installing. Is it expensive?

Is Mercedes expensive? Is BMW expensive? Is Audi expensive? Is Porsche expensive? I believe most people will answer: expensive! Why are you buying more and more people? The Chery QQ was very cheap, and the Geely Panda was also very cheap. Why did you buy fewer and fewer people, or even let people abandon it?

In fact, the reason is very simple, QQ and Panda prices can not buy the quality and service of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, and can not buy a good driving experience and ride experience of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche.

In the same way, the reason why smart locks are called smart locks is because of the word "smart". It integrates new technologies such as fingerprints, Internet of Things, Internet, password encryption, smart home, remote control, remote alarms and other mechanical locks. Therefore, smart locks are justified. In order to enjoy a smart lock with good quality, good experience, and more convenient, it is naturally more money than mechanical locks.

So is it really worth it? The value is not worth it, only know it when it is used. Before you buy an Apple phone, would you consider it worthless? Only after using it will you know: "The original Apple mobile phone experience is really good, not only will not use the card more, but also the workmanship is absolutely superior."

And a smart lock can not only solve all kinds of troubles caused by forgetting to bring keys and losing keys in daily life, but also bring higher quality of life and enjoyment to people; in addition, smart locks are more fashionable. More convenient, more personalized, more beautiful, can improve the quality of the entire home improvement.

More importantly, a two or three thousand smart locks are not only cheaper than more than 6,000 Apple mobile phones, but they are used for 8 years and 10 years. It is really not expensive to count smart locks. After such a simple analysis, I believe that you already have a scale in your heart. You are sure that you have the answer.

After saying that the smart lock value is not worthwhile, let's take a look at the expensive smart lock security? Is it easier to recruit thieves?

In fact, regardless of mechanical locks or smart locks, the purpose is to increase the cost of thieves' crimes. Because, as long as the thief really wants to steal, no matter what lock can't stop him, anyway, he can't use technology to open it, but it can also be opened with violence. However, whether the mechanical lock is open or violent, the cost of the crime is very low, and it can often be stolen without knowing it, and there is no trace on the door and the lock.

Although the smart lock is suspected of being swayed, it belongs to the category of active burglary, and the cost of committing crimes to thieves is higher. First of all, at present, most smart locks have anti-violence and anti-technique alarms, which means that as long as someone wants to steal through these two means, the user's mobile phone can receive the information at the first time and make corresponding emergency according to the situation. Measures.

Secondly, most of the current smart locks have remote monitoring functions, or linkage "smart cat eyes" to achieve real-time monitoring. That is to say, in the case that all kinds of preventive measures are invalid, the smart lock can also take photos or videos for remote evidence to be used as evidence. Even if the thief successfully opens the lock and burglary, it will not escape the legal sanctions in the future. Therefore, smart locks are only shocking to thieves, not thieves.

Third, more importantly, most smart lock companies have taken into account the hidden emergency lock cylinders at the beginning of product design. Unlike the mechanical locks, the lock cores are directly exposed outside the panel. Relatively speaking, the thieves are opened by technology. It is more difficult and costly. Therefore, in terms of security, smart locks are no less than mechanical locks.

Besides, now a smart lock is only a few thousand dollars. At the moment when people's living standards are gradually improving, hundreds of thousands and millions of houses are bought. Who can't get thousands of dollars to buy one? smart Lock? Therefore, installing smart locks is only for convenience and security, not to show off wealth, but also to show off more things, isn't it?

In addition, the price of smart locks has been further explored, and the price is gradually becoming more close to the people. The smart locks of about 2,000 are gradually increasing. However, it is necessary for us to remind the users not to buy a few hundred yuan of smart locks from a certain treasure for the sake of benefit. Although the advertisements of the people are very good, the quality, stability and service are not always satisfactory.

In summary, whether in the face of smart locks or mechanical locks, thieves consider whether it is possible to leave no traces and open the locks at a higher cost. Therefore, in the case of a passive anti-theft mechanical lock, the anti-thief is not necessarily better than an active anti-theft smart lock.

So, is the smart lock expensive? From the perspective of safety, convenience, fashion, intelligence and other aspects, it is really not expensive; is it easy to recruit thieves? Actually it is not, because it makes the thief open more expensive; is it worth buying? Value is not worth seeing what kind of life you think about. If you want to save money, then continue to use unsafe, inconvenient mechanical locks. If you want to live a high quality life, then install a safe and convenient Stylish smart lock.

Editor in charge: Zhong Juanjuan

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