Chinese "love" of TURRI Italian furniture

Chinese "love" of TURRI Italian furniture

TURRI entered China 20 years ago and was one of the first Italian brands to enter the Chinese market. Years of trade exchanges have also given the brand a deeper understanding and recognition of Chinese culture. In 2017, TURRI cooperated with Chinese designer Mr. Jiang Feng to launch the first set of works with Chinese charm-MeltingLight series. "Hou" implies the mutual penetration and fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Inspired by a series of Chinese imperial gardens and Chinese classical furniture, the work uses modern design techniques, materials, and craftsmanship to interpret traditional utensils, and uses modern people's aesthetic needs to create things with traditional charm, expressing elegance and subtlety. Hua's pursuit of the spiritual realm of the East.


When Pietro Turri founded TURRI Furniture in Italy, he would never have expected that his furniture brand would have such a close relationship with China in the future. TURRI Furniture currently has about 40 stores worldwide, including 12 in China, and its fourth-generation successor Andrea Turri will come to China at least 4 times a year. Plus think about the names of these cities.

High-gloss paint, large-area leather package, exquisite decorative details ... Luxury and exquisiteness are the first impression that TURRI furniture brings to most people. Since the first drawer cabinet was introduced in 1925, each piece of furniture of the TURRI brand has inherited the three basic concepts of originality, authenticity and uniqueness. High-quality handwork and high-gloss paint are the core of the brand's craftsmanship, some of which can even be traced back to the early nineteenth century.


In addition to the production and production of traditional furniture, TURRI also provides a variety of products from ceilings, wall panels, marble decorations and gates to customized furniture for different types of indoor environments such as private luxury houses, hotel groups, restaurants and yachts. Upholstered furniture is TURRI's representative product. To avoid stereotypes, TURRI develops both classic and modern styles of furniture. It constantly invites global designers to inspire the brand. In the list of cooperation.
The understanding and preference of Chinese culture is a characteristic of TURRI that distinguishes it from other furniture brands. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why TURRI has performed prominently in the Chinese market. I believe that in the near future, TURRI will have more works reflecting the oriental charm.
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