Ilangus furniture meets romance and comfort unexpectedly

Ilangus furniture meets romance and comfort unexpectedly

Ilangus furniture captures the essence of modern home aesthetics. Earl Ujin's neoclassical series abandons the complicated decoration of Western Rococo style, pursuing the beauty of nature and simplicity, allowing the essence of European art to blend with the needs of contemporary life, presenting a calm atmosphere, simple and elegant for everyone Living condition.


Time goes by suddenly, the work schedule changes from nine to five, like the day is indifferent, and the time is generous. If the ancient twelve hours are interpreted in the life accompanied by Ilangus

What is the most beautiful presentation that the Earl of Wujin series will bring


Earl Erlangus Ugin was late at night, and people slept deeper.
Turning his body from time to time in a deep sleep, he could not disturb his lover.
Relax in the neo-classical colors,
Deep sleep ...
Let yesterday's fatigue be relieved in sleep,
Let the tired body nourish in the softness of the bed.
A good night's sleep, a new day will begin.
As a few beams of morning light passed through the veil,
The vanity mirror in the house shone brightly under the light.
At this time, you gently wake up the person next to the pillow, the new day begins ~
After getting up early to wash,
He was busy preparing a rich breakfast.
The family sat around the dining table,

Talking and laughing, having fun.


One day's plan lies in the morning.
In the study, calm down,
Reading a book, meditating, writing with integrity,
Enjoy this moment of rest quietly and comfortably.
From noon to midday, tableware was laid out and the family sat around the round table.
On the dinner table, there are home-made dishes with regional characteristics.
It is the taste of home that some parents are short and chattering sweet and bitter laughter constantly.
Simple lunch break.
Sitting on the sofa in the living room,
In comfort and laziness,
It felt like the whole person was wrapped in a sofa.
A rare afternoon time,
Invite three or five friends to make tea and welcome guests.
In the scent of tea, you can talk and laugh and release the pressure of life.
Plain life also requires romance.
In the sway of candlelight,
Share the splendor of the night with your loved ones.
The wine is full, and the family is happy.
Playing with children on the sofa in the living room,
Or sitting on a small stool and chasing parents with an eight o'clock position is a good choice ~
With the babbling babble of children,
Sitting down beside the child's bed, and telling the story before going to bed for a while, the child's subtle breathing sound came and looked at his smiling face, and the heart was unconsciously softened

It's time to sue goodnight again.

The sapphire blue bed exudes a unique brilliance under the moonlight.
Very rich colors, very deep night.
Embrace and sleep with your lover, fall asleep with softness and comfort.
Good night, dear…
Between dawn and twilight, when the two loves are together in the twelve hours that Ilangus accompanies, they can always meet romance and comfort!

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