Yipin Begonia tells you the four feng shui tips for wealth and wealth

Yipin Begonia tells you the four feng shui tips for wealth and wealth

How can one make one's home a place full of energy and wealth? Here are five tips for everyone. As long as these methods are properly arranged, your home can become a rich cornucopia!

Tips for making money in Yipin Begonia bedroom

The Feng Shui gas field in the bedroom is the most direct nourishment for people, and is closely related to people's wealth. First of all, the bedroom should be dark rather than bright, and it needs rare bright light. It is best to keep it dark all day long. With the yellow light, the bedroom gas field is stable and thick. Such a bedroom is a good Feng Shui for gathering wealth. But at the same time, it should be noted that the bedroom door cannot be directly opposite the bedroom window, which will result in no money and the money will flow away. It is necessary to hang natural gourds on the door and windows to resolve. Another important trick in the bedroom is that the bed head needs to lean against the wall, in order to have a mountain, otherwise it is a bad situation.


Tips for making money in Yipin Begonia living room

The living room is a place where families gather for leisure, entertainment, and hospitality. It is a popular place, so the feng shui aura in the living room has a great relationship with career and wealth. The living room should be bright and not dark, the most taboo is not ventilation, no light, the ceiling is too low, causing oppression and imprisonment. The living room should be spacious, bright, and often ventilated to gather the wealth of the outside world for your own use. Enter the living room with the back facing the door, and the diagonal line with the door is the wealth in the living room. You can place a natural gourd to gather gas and gather money, or put a copper brave brave can also draw wealth, but pay attention to brave brave Her mouth should face the gate, which means that she sucked the wealth of the outside world into her home.


Tips for making money at the gate of Yipin Begonia

The gate is the gateway to Yangzhai's energy, and is a place to absorb wealth into my body. The feng shui at the gate is crucial for the entire family. There are many feng shui hurdles encountered at the gate, which are unexpected, but for most problems, you can put a lucky door mat at the door to solve it, or hang Fengshui Shanhai Town on the door to solve these problems. The door must not face the balcony or window, it will lead to financial disintegration, family luck decline, and family members are prone to misfortune. It is necessary to hang natural gourds on the windows to dispel the evil.


The overall gas field home of Yipin Begonia Residence is a haven and shelter for every member. The home feng shui not only lies in the external form, but also in the resonance between people and the feng shui gas field. From the perspective of Feng Shui, there is no perfect structure, but if the family, each member of the family love each other, respect each other, caring for each other, this family will inevitably be happy, always happy. Everyone must not only keep the home clean and hygienic, but also maintain the overall atmosphere and order of the family, such a positive, healthy and upward family style, no matter what type of apartment will be a blessing for every member!

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