Some details about lock protection

How to properly maintain locks:

1. Do not rain or flush the lock, because there is a small spring inside that will rust and fail to be flexible;
2. The locomotive keys should not be in a large series and connected in series. When the locomotive is running, the shaking of the key and the weight will wear the lock core, and the key will slip out for a long time;
3. When the key is not easy to insert or pull out, spray some light lubricating oil (such as w40). The oil that is not too thick will be inactive;
4. Some lock cores can not be refueled, (very few) like the mother and daughter pearl lock core -------;
5. When the door lock is not easy to switch, spray some lubricating oil on the inclined tongue;
6. Automatic locks (three, four, and five) must have some micro gaps that are not too tight, (such as when you unlock the door, you need to push the door to open it). The lock is easy to break;
7. The door gap should not be too large, and it is easy to be opened and shaken;
8. The anti-theft door has a lattice pattern, and the anti-theft door is extended with an iron wire into the oblique lock handle of the automatic lock to pull the door open;
9. Don't use the key to open the door directly, the key turns to open the door lock, and the key is opened directly without returning to the original position. The lock will protest with you soon and say goodbye.

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