The police recruits to prevent pickpockets

In order to avoid the loss of passengers' property. The police of Lanzhou Traffic and Public Security Branch urged passengers to be vigilant and take precautions when taking buses. At the same time, in response to the law of pickpocketing, the police recruited citizens to remind the public to pay attention to the following details of life.

1. A thief likes to start in a place with many people, so the more people there are, the more they have to beware of.

2. When riding a bus during peak hours, you should queue up and get off the bus in an orderly manner, not crowded at the door of the car. At this time, the thief may be crowded in the crowd to wait for the opportunity.

3. When taking a bus, it is best not to stand at the door and walk inside. The thief especially likes to squeeze here so that he can get off the car and escape in time.

4. It's better to put your mobile phone and wallet in your bag rather than around your waist. The longer the bag, the lower the safety factor of the bag. It is best to hold the bag with your arms and the zipper facing forward. Here we remind everyone that the backpack is best to face forward, because this backpack has the highest chance of being stolen.

5. Be especially careful when the bus is crowded, do not easily expose the location of valuables such as wallets and mobile phones, and never sleep in the bus.

6. Don't let strangers' clothes, handbags or even books block your pockets or your eyes when you are traveling by car or going out.

7. Prevention of cell phone theft: Lesbians are better not to hang their cell phones around their necks. This is often the target of thieves. They will make you turn around for one reason, and the other will quickly cut the lanyard and steal the cell phone. It ’s best to tie a lanyard to a mobile phone that is gay.

8. It is best to separate the money and cards when traveling by car and when going out. Store all kinds of cards and cash separately. Only put cash in the wallet. Avoid multiple troubles and other losses caused by the loss of various cards after the wallet is stolen.

9. When a thief is being stolen, dial 110 immediately. Or open your bag and shout "My wallet has been stolen", so as to remind the stolen in time, so that the thief does not dare to be too arrogant. If you find that the money is stolen, try to keep calm. You can ask the driver to close the door and dial 110 to help find it.

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