These tiles should be selected for the kitchen decoration of the home, which are beautiful and not easy to be dirty

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The kitchen is a relatively large space with oil fume. If you want to keep this space clean and beautiful, the first is to choose a large suction hood, the second is to choose some relatively easy to clean materials as the surface design, and the last is to keep diligent and clean Work, this is the three foundations to ensure that the kitchen is resistant to dirt! The wall of the kitchen is the key point in the kitchen, especially the wall of the upper part of the console is exposed in the space. These places must be well designed and matched to enhance the delicate beauty of the kitchen.

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// One, imitation marble bricks ///

Elegant white imitation marble wall tiles are laid on the kitchen wall, the overall visual sense will appear to be full of modern and elegant temperament, enhancing the kitchen's sense of fashion and gorgeous design.

// Two, small white bricks ///

The recently popular white small grid bricks, used in relatively small spaces like the kitchen, can also make the space look more layered.

// Three, I-shaped bricks ///

The overall texture and effect of the kitchen wall tiles with I-shaped patterns are similar to those of the white small grid bricks, which is also a design element that can make the kitchen more literary and refined.

// Four, tiles //

Tiles are a relatively bold choice, but the effect is also amazing when paired.

// Five, gradient color bricks //

Gradient wall tiles are used in a small area such as the kitchen, combined with more elegant cabinets, the overall effect is also rich and beautiful.

// 6. Matt gray bricks //

Gray is a popular and classic color system. When it is matched with the kitchen wall, the overall effect is also very simple and atmospheric.

Are there any designs you like for the above kitchen wall brick solutions?

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