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For contemporary young people, there are two phenomena that seem to be unbalanced.

One is work and life: it seems that work is the natural enemy of "poetry and distance, love for life at first sight" . Travelling self is like a walking dead, only because the body is traveling, but the soul is nailed to the working scaffold.

The second is between yourself and your parents: some people may not be able to go on a trip because they have not rested for 1-2 years. Some people are laughing at "You are showing off poetry and distance, but your parents are still attentive . "

Based on this, many young people were forced to accept 996. Recently, Fang Tai Sink Dishwasher aimed at this group of young people who were forced to work overtime, and launched a set of posters for parents and children to talk about the tragedy. Through the parents' "sneering" to analyze the five states of work and life of contemporary young people.

Dad who likes fitness

"Dad, I'll buy you a sink dishwasher for the holidays.

It helps you wash the fruit and vegetable dishes one more time,

You will have time to raise an additional set of irons "

"Son, I wish you a happy Double Ninth Festival!

You every day 996

I'm younger than my body "

Xiu Ai's parents

"Dad, buy you a sink dishwasher for the holidays,

It is responsible for washing fruit and vegetable dishes,

You're responsible for staying with your mother "

"Thank you, my mother and I are good,

It's you, every day 996,

There is no time to find the object "

Mom with a poem and poem

"Mom, I'll buy you a sink dishwasher for the holidays.

It helps you wash the fruit and vegetable dishes once more,

You will have more time to study Wilde "

"Boy, it's you who should have the Chung Yeung Festival,

Every day 996, I bought a lot of books,

I do n’t see much. ”

Dad who loves taking pictures

" Dad, I'll buy you a sink dishwasher for the holidays.

It helps you wash the fruit and vegetable dishes one more time,

You have more time to go out and walk,

Take some good works "

"Girl, taking photos is also your favorite,

You every day 996,

How long has it been since I picked up my beloved SLR?

Congyang Festival will let you live "

Dad playing games super slippery

"Dad, your Double Ninth Festival gift!

Let the sink dishwasher help you clean fruit and vegetable dishes,

I will accompany you to the king "

"Boy, Double Ninth Festival is more suitable for you!

You are 996 every day, there is no practice time,

Proper is a pig teammate "

The poster highlights the monotony and boredom of young people's lives by comparing the lives of their parents and their children: only work, no life. It can also be seen from the poster that the mental state of the parents and children is reversed, as if the parents lived the spirit, and the young people successfully "endorsement" the fatigue that only the elderly can have.

In the lower left corner of the poster, a sentence "Save time, let go of youth" highlights Fang Tai's assertion that young people should live their ideal state, even if they face the high pressure of 996, even if the pressure of life is great, don't live It looks like an old man. At the same time, they also agree with the state of youthfulness of parents' lives.

On the other hand, the poster also hinted that the Fangtai sink dishwasher can help consumers "make" (save) time, allowing more people to have time to enjoy a young life.

Another important reason why Fang Tai ’s copywriting can resonate is that it is full of human copywriting, outlines the daily life scene of the public, and anthropomorphizes the product, bringing the brand and consumers closer Distance, interpret the warmth of life and the temperature of the brand. This kind of warm expression can be said that Fang is playing too often. A group of # 有 我 , 你 的 生活 no longer cares about # theme posters, you can feel the below grounded copywriting, to create daily life scenes for consumers.

Can't do without rags and

The life of dishwashing liquid

Washing the dishes is the whole meaning of life

As an outstanding work in the era of hand washing

As long as it is not blocked

Not dry, not ill after eating

After all, the family's stomach is strong

It turns out that the Fangtai sink dishwasher can also be warmer, and it can be very happy to wash the dishes. It turns out that enjoying the young time is so squeezed out ...

The above content is provided by Fang Tai . If you buy kitchen appliances, choose Fang Tai !

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