Dongpeng flooring tells you the advantages and disadvantages of sandalwood flooring

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The floor is the most common type of floor decoration building materials, followed by ceramic tiles, etc. No matter what kind of market is more, the floor is basically mostly wood, all kinds of materials, sandalwood floor Is one of them, many people should have some understanding, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of sandalwood flooring ? There are several types of sandalwood floors ? Don't worry, Dongpeng floor below Let's explain it to everyone, let's take a look.

Sandalwood floor

The advantages and disadvantages of sandalwood flooring :


1. Wood is lustrous, corrosion-resistant, has no special smell, hard and heavy material, strong abrasion resistance, delicate, is a very rare precious furniture and handicraft materials.

2. There are light brown streaks of gray brown or light red in the black of the wood, which is wear-resistant and does not deform after drying, has high oil content, and has obvious oil-out phenomenon after high temperature.

3. After fine polishing, it is not easy to crack and has a slight sense of transparency.

4. The texture is straight and the structure is fine and uniform.

5. Very heavy and hard, with extremely high strength.

6. Small shrinkage rate, smooth and delicate cut surface.


1. The wet material has a sour taste; it has a slightly oily texture.

2. Planer saw is difficult to process and extremely blunt.

3. Slow drying and easy to crack.

The red sandalwood floor can be roughly summarized by the words "red, sandalwood, wood".

1. Red: The red color of the floor made of red sandalwood is top not only in terms of color and light sensitivity, but also the red color in our Chinese tradition represents joy, and the tree marks on its surface are a bit like red The appearance of the sparrow screen reflects the unique style of nobility and simplicity. The red sandalwood floor is perfectly matched with some lighter-colored furniture or some mahogany furniture.

2. Sandalwood: The word in Sanskrit means alms, and the red sandalwood floor is just a hundred years old. It not only has a very fragrant smell, it also has anti-bacterial, refreshing and refreshing Uses, because of its hard wood, aroma, bright color and other advantages, and also has the effect of exorcizing evils and curing diseases, so it is called sandalwood.

3. Fragrance: the aroma of red sandalwood material, we can smell its aroma when moving and installing, especially the moment we saw it during the decoration, a unique aroma will come out at the incision The aroma is more intense. This unique aroma can not only purify our indoor air, but also benefit human heart, liver, kidney and other functions.

To talk about the shortcomings of red sandalwood, everyone may know that the price of red sandalwood furniture is not cheap. The materials of red sandalwood flooring and red sandalwood furniture are both red sandalwood, which shows that the price of red sandalwood flooring is also not cheap. The price of red sandalwood flooring discourages some owners and may exceed the renovation budget.

Sandalwood floor

There are several types of sandalwood floors ?

1. Red sandalwood floor

Red sandalwood is naturally scented, and the wood is hard, stable, uniform in color and delicate, and has the characteristics of insect resistance and deformation resistance. In addition, red sandalwood flooring also has natural antiseptic properties, which is incomparable with ordinary wooden flooring.

2. Rosewood floor

Red sandalwood flooring, like red sandalwood, has the characteristics of hard texture, exquisite texture, and durable wear resistance. In addition, it can also emit a special red sandalwood fragrance.

3. Ebony wood floor

The surface of the ebony wood floor is full of luster, no special smell, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, and the shrinkage rate is small.

4. Green sandalwood floor

Green sandalwood flooring, like other sandalwood flooring, has the characteristics of hard quality, dry shrinkage, high strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. The difference is that the inner core color of the wood is green.

5. Longfeng Sandalwood Floor

The origin of the name of the dragon and the phoenix and the origin of the sandalwood: Dragon and phoenix tan, formerly known as dipterocarpus, large tree, the tree can reach a height of 20-36 meters, native to South America, when it first entered China, the texture of the sandalwood is exactly like the dragon body and the tail For the Dragon and Phoenix Sandalwood, Dipterocarpus is extremely rare and precious. It is an excellent hardwood species in South America. It grows only in the highlands of Guyana and a few areas such as the Amazon Basin in Brazil. It is called "Longfeng Sandalwood". The good meaning is very consistent.

Longfeng Tan performance and use: air dry density 1.07-1.11g / cm3. The wood has luster, the material is hard or very hard, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, termite-resistant, beautiful texture, more uniform, high strength, good color. It is an excellent material for high-end floors, furniture and interior decoration.

Sandalwood floor

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