Reminder: The six major minefields of home online shopping are not suitable for online shopping

When more and more people begin to enjoy the convenience and speed brought by the Internet, troubles also follow. On March 15th, the China Consumers Association issued a "prudent purchase of special products" prompt, pointing to online shopping for home products more likely to encounter after-sales and rights protection problems. So, how should online shopping for home products avoid minefields? How should consumers prevent it?

The first big minefield: encounter three no products

At present, there are many shopping websites, not all of which are regulated, so it is impossible to rule out the possibility of buying Sanwu household products (products that lack the information that must be included such as the production date, license number, and Chinese product manuals).

"Although it is convenient, there are risks." Zhang Dezhi, deputy director of the Consumer Guidance Department of the China Consumer Association, said that generally speaking, large-scale trading platforms require merchants to have certain qualifications, but in fact, merchants are still mixed. In online transactions, consumers It is difficult to see specific information, and there is no way to tell the truth.

A more formal shopping website, search for related products, and find the favorite styles, then filter the merchants. At the same time, businesses can be asked to provide clear and detailed pictures as much as possible. If the seller is not satisfied, it is best not to choose. In addition, you should choose an online store with high credibility and good buyer evaluation; if the merchant has a physical store, it is best to go to the physical store to see related samples; in addition, choose a third-party payment platform, which is relatively guaranteed. In case of quality disputes or after-sales issues, you can also find a website to protect your rights.

The second largest minefield: it is difficult to obtain evidence on the wrong board

The China Consumers Association said that "the materials are inconsistent and the craftsmanship is very different, resulting in the furniture being out of stock." It is one of the four major problems that consumers often encounter. Netizen Yingying, who bought too many pieces of furniture online, said that he had encountered a situation where the goods were out of order: "I didn't expect the handle of the wardrobe door to be so small; there are some corners of the furniture that are not sticky; The installation failed for the first time, and the installation was deformed again. "But these problems could not be shown in the picture, the seller was out of the country, and she was too troublesome to pay for the" wrong goods ". In fact, Yingying encountered only surface problems. Zhang Dezhi said that many consumers have encountered "stealing for another day" in the online shopping.

Consumers who shop in physical stores can not only see the real thing, but also get a model for comparison. However, in online sales, this part is omitted, which is why consumers often encounter difficulties in defending their rights.

In addition to choosing a reliable trading platform and merchants, consumers should understand the product information in detail when buying, and keep chat records, related pictures and other information in case of problems in order to protect their rights. In addition, the reporter found by consulting some flagship stores sold online that some stores can provide samples, but require buyers to pay for the courier fees themselves. In order to better protect the rights and interests, it is recommended that consumers buy samples or samples before bulk consumption, and make a decision after making a detailed judgment on the material. Netizen Yingying suggested that you communicate with the merchant before placing an order, so that they can provide more pictures and product information. In addition, she believes that for a penny and a penny, it is relatively more secure when you choose the three.

The third largest minefield: lack of environmental protection performance

After the furniture is bought home, many netizens' judgment on whether they are environmentally friendly depends on whether they are "flavored." "No taste" is usually considered to be environmentally friendly. Although many businesses also use "green environmental protection" as their promotional feature, there is no clear explanation as to which environmental protection standards their products meet and which environmental protection level they reach.

The state has mandatory standards for the environmental protection of products. Zhang Dezhi said that if it is a building decoration material and furniture, the formaldehyde emission limit of wood-based panels and their products for interior decoration and decoration materials (GB18580-2001) and the limit of harmful substances in wood furniture for interior decoration and decoration materials (GB18584-2001) ) Two mandatory national standards to implement. According to reporters, if you purchase some soft furniture or products that are not currently restricted by the national standard, you may encounter a situation where there is no way to detect it, and you will not be able to hold the merchants accountable.

If the merchant has a higher level of commitment to environmental protection, consumers should pay attention to retaining relevant information and evidence.

The fourth largest minefield: more money for transportation

A reporter's investigation found that most Beijing manufacturers or furniture manufacturers with circulation channels in Beijing provide door-to-door service, but many foreign stores will clearly inform buyers that after the furniture is shipped to Beijing, it can only reach the transit point of the logistics transportation. Consumers pick up the goods themselves or transport them to their homes at an additional cost. This link also made some consumers unhappy.

Zhang Dezhi said that after the goods arrive at home, if they find problems such as damage and bumps, consumers have the right to object or reject the acceptance at the time of acceptance. As the first responsible person, the seller should communicate with the transportation company if bumps occur during transportation. In addition, under normal circumstances, the agreed delivery is "home delivery, installation is complete, put in place". If there is no special agreement, you can follow the "home delivery" to understand. But if the merchant informs in advance, the consumer will have to negotiate the transportation cost by themselves.

At the time of purchase, you should make an appointment with the delivery location and let the logistics company deliver it to your home. You need to determine whether to charge an additional lifting fee (lifting the furniture from the window to your home), upstairs fee (need to climb the stairs to transport the furniture), etc., and keep the relevant certificates .

Fifth largest minefield: lack of guarantee after installation

The reporter searched online and found that many furniture brands do not include installation services. A store clerk told reporters: "We have detailed installation instructions, which are very convenient to install." "Yingying", who bought furniture online and installed it himself, said repeatedly: "It's too hard to install myself." She and her friends spent a whole lot of flowers in order to install the wardrobe It took half a day.

In fact, it is not only the failure to provide installation services that trouble consumers, but also the entire after-sales service. A brand cabinet cabinet tells in the "Buyer's Notes" of its own store: "Some cities without dealers do not undertake product warranty, and buyers need to carry out detailed acceptance after picking up and installing."

Zhang Dezhi suggested that consumers agree with the merchants on installation and after-sales service when purchasing. If the manufacturer is not responsible for installation, you need to consider whether you have the ability to install or contact the workers to install. If a third party provides installation services, there is no need to worry about the situation where there is no separation of responsibilities. A network customer service professional who specializes in providing installation services told reporters that consumers can confirm whether there is a problem with the product during acceptance; if there is no problem during acceptance, if there is a problem with the installation, you can directly find the installation worker according to the installation contract.

As for the statement that "the city without dealers does not undertake warranty", Zhang Dezhi said that if the product itself does not have quality problems, and the two parties have made a clear agreement through this clause, consumers will accept it if they buy it. There is no fault in the merchant, but if there is a problem in the use of the product, you can negotiate with the merchant to see if the merchant can provide a certain paid service.

Consumers should pay attention to inquiring the relevant service capabilities of the seller when purchasing online products that require installation, high warranty and maintenance requirements online, and confirm the information provided by the seller by calling the manufacturer. If necessary, keep the email, screenshot or chat record of the seller with a guarantee or promise, and ask for a valid invoice, warranty card and other valid documents.

The sixth largest minefield: whoever has the biggest color difference

"Due to factors such as light, display parameters, and different batches of plates, the actual color received will be different from the picture. Please refer to the actual product. The color difference should not be used as a reason for refund." Color difference is normal "and other words appear from time to time Some shops have "Buyer's Notes" notices. Who is the correct color difference?

Zhang Dezhi said that for wood products such as furniture floors, color difference is normal. If it is not a quality problem, it is difficult to resolve disputes caused purely by color difference problems, and it is difficult for consumers to make claims.

The reporter learned from the online sales customer service staff of a certain brand of wooden doors that although the products sold online are the same as the swatches sold in the store, if consumers are worried about the color difference, they can go to the physical store to see the swatches first and then place orders on the network.

â–  Tips

Be wary of merchants' false promises

The Consumers Association reminds consumers to be wary of some promises from merchants. Some online stores give consumers some vague or ambiguous promises. If promised, "If the furniture of our shop is still not in normal use after two repairs, it will be replaced". When problems can be encountered, the seller said that the two repairs refer to the repair parts in the same part. In addition, furniture is a special product with a long service life. Some online shops promise "free return within 7 days without reason". Unless there is particularly poor quality furniture, there will be no quality problems within 7 days. Even if the customer returns to the seller within 7 days, the seller will also shirk responsibility because there is no physical evidence. Even if it is returned, the relevant costs will be counted on consumers, not free.

Some products are not suitable for online shopping

1. Furniture and building materials with glass as the main material are easy to be damaged during transportation, and it is not easy to investigate the cause. Moreover, some large-scale products are expensive, have many accessories, are complicated to install, and have a high online shopping risk.

2. The tiles and floors are large in volume, high in freight cost, easy to damage, and the amount cannot be calculated accurately. It is troublesome to make up and return, and color difference is prone to occur.

3. Ceramics, sanitary ware, lacquered furniture, etc. are heavy, bulky, and easily damaged. If there is no outer packaging or the outer packaging cannot guarantee product safety, the glazed surface is easily damaged and affects the appearance, and it takes more cost to return it. Logistics costs, etc.

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