The majority of household surveys have confidence in the prospects of the household industry

At the moment when the constant real estate regulation and control policies slammed on the brakes of the market, we stood by consumers, listened to the voices of consumers, grasped the forefront of the market, and delivered positive and beneficial information to the home furnishing industry.

Most people have confidence in the future of the home industry

In the context of the recent purchase restriction policy, whether the impact on the most important industrial home furnishing industry downstream is large or small, the survey shows that almost half of consumers believe that they will not cause direct and serious impact. First, the demand for the house is rigid, and second, if the quality of the related household products and the service of all aspects of the service can be excellent, consumers are still very willing to invest in this expenditure, and personalized and branded products are favored.

Environmental protection is still the most concerned link of decoration households

In the survey of "the most troublesome part of the consumer decoration experience", it is shown that the environmental protection performance of household products has been higher than the "money" issue, which has attracted much attention. 1. The problem of cutting corners for decoration materials, etc. Most consumers are worried that there will be problems such as workers cutting corners when they are not on the construction site. Therefore, it is very important and urgent for the consumer to further strengthen and improve the supervision mechanism during the decoration process and unify the standards.

Sixty percent of owners resolve decoration disputes through complaints

When consumers encounter problems in the decoration process, 60% will choose different paths of complaints, and 40% of consumers choose to negotiate with the decoration party to try to solve the problem at the construction site. It can be seen that the consumer's home decoration rights Awareness is increasing. Industry experts said that with the improvement of the decoration level, the decoration market has indeed gradually become standardized, and home improvement companies have more experience and patience when dealing with problems than before, which is the main reason for the gradual reduction of decoration complaints.

Nearly 80% of consumers choose brands by word of mouth

Among the attention factors of "brand publicity", consumers sorted the results according to the degree of attention by choosing good-mouthed brands, different channel advertisements made by manufacturers, etc., while consumers who chose "good word-of-mouth" products actually accounted for By nearly 80% of the interviewed people, compared to this, the star endorsement and propaganda methods that manufacturers are competing for now are generally not very concerned, and even appear indifferent and disgusted.

Over 70% of consumers encounter delivery disputes

In the survey on after-sales service of household products, more than 70% of the survey participants said they have encountered problems in the delivery of furniture and building materials. Nearly half of the participants believed that the problems in the delivery link stemmed from unprofessional handling and installation and the untimely delivery time, which is also the most problem to be solved by the furniture brand in the delivery of goods.

30% of consumers are not satisfied with after-sales service

More than 80% of the survey participants have encountered quality problems and after-sales problems in the store consumption process. 33% of consumers were dissatisfied with the after-sales service provided by the merchants. More participants chose to coordinate with the store, and the store came out to negotiate after-sales service, and thus received a satisfactory response. Nearly 40% of the participants said that neither the store nor the manufacturer could give themselves a satisfactory answer.

Ninety percent of decorators are reluctant to buy building materials online

The online shopping of furniture and building materials suffered a lot of "discrimination" in the investigation. Basic survey participants all said that they do not trust online shopping for furniture and building materials, and will not try it easily. Only 10% of the participants have chosen online shopping, but there are still many dissatisfaction with the after-sales service related links. Survey participants who have experience in online shopping believe that the quality, logistics and after-sales services of online shopping and the so-called "differential treatment" cannot satisfy them.

30% of consumers care about salesperson's service attitude

More than 30% of the participants believed that the attitude of the brand sales staff and the attitude of the store staff were equally important, and they played an important role in their views and attitudes towards the store. And another 30% of the survey participants believe that if they choose a store, then the store has a responsibility to provide better after-sales service for their own rights and interests to get more protection.

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