China's soft furniture market grows rapidly and has huge potential


At present, China's upholstered furniture is a rapidly growing market with huge potential, and market sales have occupied half of the furniture industry. With the increase in technological content, upholstered furniture will use less natural resources and provide a longer lifespan, creating a comfortable and comfortable living environment for human beings, which is in line with the trend of the whole society to develop a low-carbon economy.


Miki French solid wood sofa combination TM-H + coffee table


Upholstered furniture mainly includes cloth furniture and leather furniture. Due to the advantages of environmental protection and durability, soft furniture has an increasing share in the market, and has gradually become a consumer trend.


According to foreign reports, the German Upholstered Furniture Association predicts that in view of the rising purchase prices of leather and sponge materials, the increase in the prices of upholstered furniture products is inevitable. According to reports, the price increase is about 5%, and it will start to increase in autumn at the latest. Why are upholstered furniture so popular and become consumers' buying targets?


Unlike the general wooden furniture and metal furniture , the professional soft furniture manufacturers mostly use the combination of domestic and foreign sales to hit the market. When the foreign environment is not good, the focus will not be too hasty to switch to the domestic market, but rely on The experience of working hard in the domestic market can fully grasp the pulse of the domestic market.


The domestic soft furniture industry has gradually matured, and improving the technological content and added value of products is the future trend.


With the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of consumer demand, a problem faced by any product in the world is market segmentation. In the traditional home furnishing industry, the earliest was the suite. Later, the software was separated from the suite furniture, and the sofa and bedding were separated in the software. , The market will continue to segment.


Relative to other overall furniture, software is a new and most popular one. However, because he has characteristics that other beds do not have, first of all, in terms of comfort, because of the soft texture and better fit with the body curve, it is better than solid wood and panel; in addition, it meets the personality of modern young people more And differentiated needs. With regard to the soft furniture industry separated from the suite, the entire domestic software industry has gradually matured and scaled, and is gradually recognized by consumers and the market. Upholstered furniture has formed its own scale in the country, a relatively sound market, and overall it is more standardized and healthy.


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