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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers have higher and higher requirements for wall paint and pay more attention to the environmental performance of wall paint. As a leading brand in China's paint industry, Nippon Paint has always been popular with consumers. So, what about Nippon Net Paint? Is Nippon Net Wall Paint expensive? Today Xiao Bian introduced Nippon's net lacquer related information, let's take a look.

Nippon net taste wall paint how to

Nippon China is part of the Singapore Liss Group. In 1992, Nippon Paint entered China and has become a leading brand in the coatings industry in China in recent years. Nippon has always been committed to beautifying and protecting people's lives. It has continuously created products with superior quality and has beautiful colors in every corner of China. As the largest paint manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region, Nippon Green always focuses on the development of green products, focusing on high technology and high quality. It constantly advances scientific research and development with technological strength, so that Nippon Paint is always in a leading position and meets society and market to the greatest extent. Demand.

Nippon's net stencil paint applied Teflon's surface protection technology to the wall paint for the first time. This brushed wall is like a non-stick pan at home. It can effectively resist common 99 kinds of stains and reduce liquid stains. The penetration of the coating film reduces the adhesion of the solid stain on the surface of the coating film and makes the wall surface clean, such as porcelain, to become a true “non-stick wall”. Teflon's chemical name is PTFE, which is non-sticky, slidable, moisture-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. It ranges from non-stick pans and clothing to Nippon's clean wall paint. Flexibility allows it to be used on almost any shape and size of product. Now Nippon's derivation of this technology into coatings is undoubtedly the boon of thousands of families. Wall stains are no longer a headache. While protecting the environment, they can effectively prevent common wall problems. Give you environmental protection and comfort, let your life "clean as porcelain"!

Nippon net wall paint prices

Nippon net taste 120 bamboo charcoal two in one wall paint 280 yuan / barrel

Nippon net net taste full effect wall paint 330 yuan / barrel

Nippon gold five-in-one net taste wall paint 546 yuan / barrel

How about the above Nippon net wall paint and Nippon net wall paint price is briefly introduced here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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