The 28th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition attracted 889 companies

The five-day 28th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition and the Famous Furniture Machinery Materials Exhibition and Home Decoration Exhibition opened. A total of 889 companies from home and abroad participated in the exhibition, trying to build a highland of Chinese furniture brands, helping Dongguan transform and upgrade and rise to a high level. City leaders Guo Shui, Zhang Ke and Mo Buxing attended the opening ceremony.

This year's Famous Furniture Fair maintains a high degree of brand concentration, with many excellent member companies of Dongguan Famous Furniture Club and Hong Kong Furniture Association as the backbone, as well as many well-known enterprises in and around the province and overseas, and even gathered in China More than 70% of the well-known furniture brands have formed a brand highland.

During the exhibition, the organizing committee will join forces to organize a series of expert forums and related promotional activities, such as: "Road to Recovery-2012 China (Dongguan) Furniture Industry Summit Forum" , How to extend the positioning of furniture companies "," Furniture art design activates industrial upgrading "," Humanistic Design into Contemporary Life Aesthetics "co-organized with Guangdong Provincial Association of Association," Inheritance and Innovation "and other expert forums co-organized with China Classical Furniture It will gradually unfold and become the center of the exchange and collision of ideas among global furniture people. It will further strengthen the strength of the furniture industry and help promote the integration of the Chinese furniture industry with the global market.

According to reports, the total scale of this year's famous furniture exhibition is expected to be 250,000 square meters, a total of 11 exhibition halls will be opened, including 10 fixed exhibition halls and 1 temporary exhibition hall; 889 exhibitors from home and abroad will be attracted, The total number of exhibitors in one session.

Exhibition highlights

Highlight 1 Start global promotion of the integrated exhibition and trade platform

As a key project of Guangdong Furniture International Purchasing Center, Mingfu World Expo Garden is under intense construction. Since the project was released at the end of last year, it has been warmly sought after by home furnishing companies in the industry. So far, the project operator has selected key enterprises to enter the first phase of Hall 1, and about 70% of the venues have been rented. Starting from this exhibition, the project will gradually be fully promoted globally, and select excellent brands from all over the world.

Highlight 2 "Integrated Design Exhibition" debuts

The design exhibition was held on the second floor of Hall 3, with a preliminary planning of 3,000 square meters. Later, it was increased to 4,000 square meters at the request of the enterprise. The secretariat of the organizing committee has set up a special working group to track related matters. Currently, Minghantang Design Company, Liujiang Design Office, Tuopu Furniture Design, Jingchu Furniture Design, Jiexin Decoration Design Engineering Company, Weiyang Design , More than 40 design institutions such as Black Horse Photography Design and Bondu Planning participated in the exhibition. In addition to domestic design agencies, designers from Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Japan also participated.

Highlight 3 Large-scale expansion of customized furniture exhibition area

Customized furniture is a category where demand is growing fast. Setting up a corresponding service platform is very beneficial to furniture companies, design institutions, and end customers, as well as the continued development of the exhibition.

At the request of the majority of exhibitors, the custom-made furniture area on the second floor of Hall 1 of this exhibition expanded to 10,000 square meters. The effect of the last exhibition was quite satisfactory, most exhibitors chose to continue to participate, and companies such as Mingshu also expanded their booths. At the same time, the exhibition area attracted strong enterprises in the industry, such as housing companies. Twenty companies will display their products and services here.

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