Consumers and merchants do not buy furniture leasing business


Shenzhen's furniture rental service is a new model launched by Furniture City. As long as consumers have a credit card of their designated bank, they can achieve "zero down payment, zero interest, and zero handling fees" to move their favorite furniture home. Consumers who rent furniture must pay monthly rent, which is 2.5% of the total rented furniture. After the lease expires for 2 years, the renewal price has a 10% discount. In addition, the longer the rental period, the more discounts, and after 5 years, the furniture city will charge a symbolic 1 yuan to give the furniture to consumers.


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According to this kind of furniture rental business, let's calculate it. Taking a bed of 2,000 yuan as an example, if the rent is 2.5% of the total furniture rented, a monthly rent of 50 yuan will be paid every month. And their renting time is 2 years, so it will cost 1200 yuan for 2 years. If you want to make this set of furniture your own in the end, you have to rent it for 5 years. The rent for 5 years is definitely more than 2,000 yuan, which is the price of this bed. "This furniture rental service is to allow consumers who are not sufficiently funded at this stage to enjoy high-end furniture products," said the staff of this furniture city in Shenzhen.


No furniture rental in Nanjing store


Several home furnishing stores in Nanjing, such as Red Star, Yuexing, Yonglong, and Gaoli Furniture Port, learned that they did not carry out household furniture rental business. Some furniture brands such as Gujia and Chivas also do not have such services.


Why not introduce such services? "The main problem is the pricing of rented furniture. The rental price is high. Consumers feel that it is not cost-effective and will not choose to rent. Instead, if the price is low, the merchant will not receive the cost because the furniture lease It is a long-term behavior, and there must be wear and tear problems. And what should we do with the old furniture after the lease expires? "Mr. Li, the head of a solid wood furniture store in Yuexing Home told reporters.


A person in charge of Yonglong Home said that the leasing business will drag the company ’s capital chain cycle longer, which is also one of the issues that need to be considered. Logistics is also a big problem. The logistics cost of distribution furniture is too high, and the rental price cannot naturally fall, which makes it difficult for us to develop furniture rental services. "


Most consumers do n’t buy too much


And what is the attitude of consumers about the new thing of renting furniture? Mr. Wu of Zijin Nanyuan said that if he follows the Shenzhen model of renting furniture, he will definitely not choose, "According to 2.5% of the value of furniture every month Although it seems cheaper to collect rent, if you rent for a long time, it is a bit uneconomical. The rent for three years is almost 90% of the price, and the general promotional price is almost this price. Although the merchant said that it can be purchased for 1 yuan after 5 years of rent. , But after 5 years, it is almost 1.5 times the original price. Not cost-effective. "


Xiao Zhu, a college student who has just graduated for two years, is now living in a rented house. She said that she will not consider this kind of furniture rental business. "I generally rent a house with basic furniture. If I want to buy furniture by myself, I will buy second-hand ones directly. Cheaper and more suitable for renters like us. "


Store Union Bank's trial payment


"It is understood that the home rental market in the United States already has a market of $ 44 billion, while the home market in China is 740 billion yuan, but the rental market is almost zero." An industry source said that although the furniture rental market has some There are signs, but it is still difficult to form a large-scale market.


However, although the furniture rental business still has a long way to go, some stores have already cooperated with banks to carry out installment payments.


For example, the Red Star Macalline Kazi store once launched a "zero down payment and zero interest" installment to buy home building materials within six months in conjunction with ICBC . "We don't have a dedicated furniture rental business. However, renting furniture in other places is actually similar to installment payments," said the staff of Red Star Macalline.


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