Popular keywords that will appear in the furniture industry in 2014


At the beginning of the new year, the furniture industry has also made great achievements in the past year. Let us see what popular keywords will appear in 2014!


European style solid wood suite furniture of Paris Residence


Channel: O2O should not be underestimated


At the same time, the interests of traditional home stores and e-commerce platforms are intensifying. At the same time, the term O2O (that is, OnlineToOffline, the combination of offline business and the Internet) is popular in the home industry. Whether e-commerce is a "catalyst" or "poison" for home furnishing is still uncertain. Relevant experts said that household items are special products, and there are industry specificities in distribution and installation. Compared with traditional stores, the products of home e-commerce need to be effectively connected with logistics in distribution, and also need to be coordinated by local dealers in installation. E-commerce cannot be a business that only sells products and does not sell services. Online and offline The integration of services is worth further exploration.


It is foreseeable that if home furnishing companies want to develop on e-commerce channels, it is imperative to get through O2O. At present, many traditional home stores start O2O projects. I believe that in 2014, more home stores will follow up to gain the initiative of the e-commerce platform.


New regulations introduced


There may be more new home furnishing policies in 2014, which will stimulate the development of the entire industry to a certain extent. It is understood that standards such as quality acceptance standards for family room decoration and decoration, copper and stainless steel faucet standards, etc., will be finally agreed in 2014. And introduced.


As for the “new regulations” for home furnishing, sometimes there are “policies on the top and countermeasures on the bottom” after the introduction, so that the new standards cannot be well implemented. Whether the policy promulgated this year can adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude towards some companies that do not meet the new industry standards deserves our attention. However, it is foreseeable that with the strict introduction of national standards, the threshold of China's home furnishing industry will become higher and higher, which will have great benefits for the purification of the entire home furnishing industry and consumer choice of goods and services.


Redwood Market


The new "International Convention on International Trade in Endangered Wild Animals and Plants" came into effect in June last year. The country of origin of mahogany materials will begin to prohibit logging of redwoods and control export trade, which has caused rosewood raw materials to rise. In 2014, the mahogany furniture market may face a reshuffle, leaving only powerful merchants, and some “unable to sell” will withdraw from the market.


According to industry insiders, in order to face difficulties, companies should improve their original design capabilities, adhere to the "take the boutique, specialization, and differentiation" road, and should adapt to market changes as soon as possible and turn crises into opportunities. Only by doing a good job in product positioning, brand positioning and enterprise positioning, fully exploiting unique advantages that are difficult to be imitated and copied, and enhancing competitiveness, can enterprises be reborn in the market volatility. However, conservative thinking and weak brand awareness are common problems of many redwood companies. I wonder how they will start their own brands afterwards?


Smart home


Smart home has been developed in China for nearly ten years. With the government's strong support for the Internet of Things and related industry giants' involvement in the field of smart homes, the market for smart homes gradually increased in 2013, and as the technology and market mature, the smart home industry is ushering in a "window period" of development.


Needless to say, the benefits of smart home, as long as you grasp the development direction, after the market selection and precipitation, it is easy to stand out and be sought after by consumers. However, several major flaws in the smart home should also attract the attention of the industry. When developing and marketing products, companies need to pay attention to solving the problems of weak practicability, low stability, and insufficient price for the people of the smart home, with a more systematic and user-friendly design Idea to increase your own chips.


Micro marketing


Nowadays, micro-marketing methods that home furnishing companies are groping are mainly WeChat, Weibo, and WeiMovie. WeChat is the most popular micro-marketing tool at the moment, there is no distance limitation, low marketing cost and high attention; Weibo marketing focuses on the delivery of value, content interaction, system layout, and accurate positioning. The micro-film uses a relatively soft mode and integrates the narrative style of the story itself, so that the audience can accept the corporate brand in a subtle way.


These micro-marketing methods have their own characteristics, but there are also several points to consider in the development process, such as how to interact with users online and offline, how to plan a satisfactory event program through user analysis, and how to cooperate with other promotional methods Wait. As the main trend of home marketing, how to develop micro-marketing by major enterprises in 2014 is worthy of attention.


customized furniture


Modern people pursue individuality and fashion. Of course, they also hope that their home furnishing products are unique, so customized home furnishing has emerged. Although the share of custom-made furniture only accounted for 10% of the overall furniture market in 2013, the market size of 100 billion yuan may become another thriving industry in the furniture market.


If it can be done well, customization can fully meet the individual needs of consumers. However, we must also know that the customization of production enterprises is not easy. Ordinary enterprises need to be equipped with professional and technical personnel (including production, design, measurement, consulting and other positions) to transform customized enterprises or add customized projects to strengthen team awareness. In addition, if only one company provides customization, there may be a problem that the product line is too long and too many categories are difficult to take into account. At this time, multiple brand resources need to be integrated, and the enterprises work together to achieve a win-win situation.


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