Three screw pump structure and working principle is what?

[Asia Pump Network News] Three screw pump can be transported lubricated or partially lubricated requirements, no solid particles of various types of media. Now to introduce the next three screw pump structure and working principle of what is. Three screw pump three screw pump structure Three screw pump flow and pressure pulse is small, small noise and vibration, self-priming capability, but the screw machining more difficult. Pump has a single suction and double suction two structures, but single-screw pump only single suction. The triple screw pump must be equipped with a safety valve (single screw pump need not be strapped) to prevent the pump or prime mover from being damaged if the outlet pressure of the pump exceeds the allowable value due to blockage of the discharge pipe for some reason. The middle of the screw for the active screw, driven by the prime mover rotation, the screw on both sides of the driven screw, with the active screw for reverse rotation. The main, driven screw thread are double-headed thread. The liquid delivered by the three-screw pump is a lubricating liquid containing no solid particles, non-corrosive oil and the like oil and has a viscosity of 1.2-100 oE (3.0-760 cst). The high-viscosity liquid can also be transported by viscosity-reducing after heating. Not more than 150oC. Second, the working principle of the three screw pump As the screw each other and the threaded rod with the inner wall of the liner in close cooperation between the suction and discharge of the pump, it will be separated into one or more sealed space. As the screw is rotated and engaged, these sealed spaces are constantly formed at the suction side of the pump, the liquid in the suction chamber is enclosed therein and continuously displaced in the axial direction of the screw from the suction chamber to the discharge end, to be enclosed in the spaces Liquid is continuously discharged, as if a nut is continuously pushed forward when the thread is rotated, in which the number of thread turns is regarded as a liquid, and when the screw rotates, the screw thread is equivalent to the liquid in the screw pump, which is the screw The basic working principle of the pump. Further Reading: pump valve pipe fittings Exhibition 2016 Exhibition of Information Industry, Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Asian pumps Network Editor: Yao Xiaoxia (QQ / micro letter:) (Hotline :)

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