Heating pressure or not to do heating test note

When winter arrives, a series of experiments are conducted on the heating before heating, and heating can be performed only after all the test results have satisfied the conditions. In the various experimental projects of heating, the pressure test is very important, but it is also a very technical one. If you want to successfully complete the heating pressure test needs to pay attention to several important aspects. Here's a look at the heating pressure and heating and pressure test precautions.

First, do you want to do stress tests?

The answer is yes: it needs to be done. It is best to do a pressure test when you are collecting your room. When the decoration is completed, the heating and waterway transformation is completed, and pressure tests are required. Nowadays, many decoration companies and decoration teams do not do, saying that it does not matter, that it is not responsible. Everyone must request to suppress the waterway.

Second, how to do stress test?

1) Before the pressure test, close the water gate valve and the heating valve.

2) Slowly fill the end of the pressure test pipe and drain the gas from the pipe. Sealed with water.

3) The pressure should be increased slowly with a manual pump or electric pump. The boost time should not be less than 15 minutes.

4) After ascending to the specified test pressure (generally 8 pressures), stop the pressurization and observe if there is water seepage at the joint.

5) After the pressure is stabilized, the pressure drop within half an hour does not exceed 0.05 MPa.

6) At the end of the pressure test, the original record must be made and signed for confirmation.

Heating pressure test considerations

First, the heating pressure test can only be performed after all the waterway transformations are completed. The pressure suppression process is to check whether there is water leakage in the waterway. The tap water is generally operated under 1.5 atmospheres. Generally, 6 pressures can be used in the pressure test. , and no pressure drop in the 30 minutes after the pressure is stable is considered normal.

Second, as long as it is to replace the heating and piping, or new ground heating, the pressure test should be conducted again after the conversion, and the high-rise residential needs to provide 8 atmospheres during the pressure test, and 6 ordinary houses can be used. .

Third, the time during which the pressure is too high or the time during which the pressure is being applied is a hazard to the pipeline and care should be taken.

Fourth, if the pressure is reduced by 0.05 atm after maintaining the steady state for 30 minutes, this condition is normal, and if the pressure can be kept constant thereafter, it is finally determined to be acceptable. If pressure continues to decline afterwards, then it should be tested again.

In the heating pressure test must be strictly in accordance with the above requirements, these precautions must not be ignored, only from every detail to ensure the safety of the suppression process, and heating the stability of future heating.

Conclusion: The relevant information on whether or not the heating pressure is to be taken and the precautions of the heating pressure test is introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.


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