Handan Police Tips: Business Anti-theft Tips for Shopping at Peak Times

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are coming one after another, and the major shopping malls will usher in the peak shopping season this year. According to relevant data, the incidence of crimes of property-infringement crime will also increase every holiday. In addition to staring at the wallets of the shopping crowd, the thieves who are about to move around have also become "fatty sheep" in their eyes for those who buy a lot of new goods and are booming in business.

Handan police reminded: In addition to the citizens must take good care of their belongings to prevent theft during the holidays, businesses should not take it lightly, keep in mind the following anti-theft suggestions to celebrate the holiday.

1. The most common trick used by thieves in shopping malls is the "eye-blocking method." They pretend to be customers, act alone, or cover up to carry out the theft. The targets of such thieves are mainly concentrated in small-scale storefronts or counters for valuables such as gold and watches. Due to the small number of sales staff in these stores, especially some self-employed households, considering the cost of personnel, often only the store is taking care of it, it is easy to be fooled by thieves. In this case, the store usually develops the habit of locking the drawer at will, do not put valuables, especially wallets and mobile phones on the cash register, and be careful of the thieves' "snapping". When displaying counters to customers, gold, watches and other counter salesmen should remember to take only one item at a time, while observing the situation of other glass cabinets around to prevent their associates from reaching out to the side when seriously explaining the product to the "hearted person" On the display cabinet.

2. Another trick commonly used by thieves is to "handle the sheep". In this type of case, thieves often target businesses with turbulent customers and chaotic scenes. They take the opportunity to "fish in troubled waters". To deal with this kind of situation, if the merchant has the conditions, it is best to install a monitoring system, and keep in mind that someone at the cash register should watch it. The apparel merchants remind customers of fitting or shoes to bring their own bags and undressed clothes, and other merchants should remind customers to keep the items they carry with them within the visible range.

3. The last thing to talk about is the thieves' "violent prying door" method of stealing. This kind of situation mainly occurs in the early morning hours. Merchants often buy a lot of goods during the holidays and the amount of business income is more than usual, and the amount of goods and transactions has become the "sweet meat" in the eyes of the thief. Therefore, merchants should strengthen the doors and windows before the holiday season, and can install anti-theft automatic alarm systems if possible. Keep in mind that no cash should be left in the store after closing the door. Those stores that sell valuable items such as gold and silver jewelry should be kept at night.

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